Country Sausage for Grilling

Pork sausage. Naturally smoked with olive wood.


Product Type

Pork sausage. Naturally smoked with olive wood.

*Contains edible pork intestine


The best sausage for every gathering! Ιdeally seasoned pork , smoked with olive wood, ready to satisfy everyone’s palate. Grilling brings out the sausage’s perfect taste. Everyone’s mood gets better with just a bite!


Vacuum packaging, net weight ~ 600 g, in cardboard container (one packaging per container).
Product Code: 01.0079


Vacuum packaging, net weight ~ 2 kg, in cardboard box (nine packagings per box).
Product Code: 01.0018

Consume cooked.

Country Sausage for Grilling tastes best when charcoaled. Enjoy it with spicy mustard and ice cold beer.

Keep refrigerated (0-4 °C)

Shelf life: 2½ months