A small rock with a big history

Monemvasia is located on the east coast of the Peloponnese, in the region of Laconia. It is a popular tourist destination worldwide. Strolling through the historic castle city, one immediately realizes the timelessness of the place, as one sees a plethora of diverse elements; marks that have been left behind by various cultures over the centuries.

Monemvasia’s geographical location was the key factor that led to its development and consolidation during the Byzantine period, making it one of the most important gateways connecting Europe with the East. In this strategically important for Byzantium place, a society was formed; a land of active citizens, great thinkers and successful merchants.

Visiting Monemvasia is a unique experience of taking a journey through time. This experience has simultaneously a gastronomic side, proving that good food is an integral part of the local culture. This place, with its wild beauty, hides a variety of wonderful traditional flavors resulting mainly from a combination of all the different cultures that have met here.



Our grandfather, Nikos, had a soft spot for good food. Growing up in a small village, Gerakas, he learned from his parents who were farmers to appreciate all that mother nature has to offer. From a very young age, grandpa Nikos was also intrigued by the source of tastiness of all the foods that were cooked in the neighborhoods of the small village. The smells, the tastes and the friendships led him to establish, along with his son Dimitris, his own tavern in the mid-sixties.

Our grandpa used to say that for him: “Every dish is a special creation and every customer is a special being”.

This is the philosophy and the drive of our family. Growing up next to a man who cared about raw materials and sought the tastiness of foods, we learned the importance of creating products that bring flavors and emotions to the family table, making every day a cause for celebration.



Dimitris Andromidas, along with his wife Eleni Tsavalas, founded their own business in 1981; a butcher shop in Monemvasia.

Their vision was to incorporate history, tradition and taste into their products, combining experiences mustered by many generations before them. The production of the now famous “Monemvasia’s sausage” and the traditional “Monemvasia’s syglino” were the first products that launched the company in the local market.

In 1989, this little business turned into a company, with additions of third-generation family members, Sofia and Nikos. At a time when small businesses were mainly limited to local markets, Dimitris Andromidas was envisioning and planning his company’s opening to bigger markets.

In 1998, the company’s first production and standardization facility for meat products was established, allowing it the opportunity to expand to new products.

In 2007, the meat laboratory gets upgraded and applies special quality assurance systems, giving the company the advantage to promote the products to the world markets.



After years of experience and always following grandpa Nikos’ motto “special products for special people”, our company continues to create products that meet the nutritional needs of all those who want to eat quality food from selected raw materials.

The making of meat products is very demanding, as it requires the compliance of strict conditions which allow the production of safe and consistent-quality products. Our facilities, where the production and standardization of our products take place, are contemporary and all the procedures are certified by the RTA Certification Body, according to the quality assurance protocols ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 9000: 2015.