Sausage: The world’s first snack!

Sausages may be excellent delicacies nowadays, but the history of sausage dates back thousands of years. To be precise, the making of sausages is one of the oldest ways of meat preservation.

According to historical sources, the Sumerians (people of Mesopotamia) were the first to make sausages. Homer, in the Odyssey, mentions a kind of blood sausage; the poet Epicharmus wrote a comedy called “Orya” (which means “The sausage”); and, in Aristophanes’ comedy “The Knights”, one of the main characters, Agoracritus, is a cold-cuts merchant.

“Loukaniko”, the Greek name for sausage, derives from the city name “Lefkania” (or “Loukania”) in Italy, where famous sausages were made, while the English name of the product, “sausage”, comes from the Latin word salsus (salt).

Nowadays, there are over 300 types of sausages globally, with Greek country sausage being one of the most loved types in all of its versions.